Boy standing beside archery target

Barnardo's Fundraising Champions

Looking for some inspiration for your next fundraising event? Here are some stories from fundraisers who’ve proudly represented and raised funds for Barnardo’s.

Betty and her buddies

Two young children taking part in Big Toddle, a sponsored walk for Barnardo's

Betty and her buddies took part in Barnardo's Big Toddle in memory of Star Hobson. The brilliant Bradford community including Star’s family and friends celebrated and remembered Star, on what would have been her 3rd birthday.

Jessica, organiser of the event said, ‘It was a special afternoon with lots of love and warmth for darling Star, her family were just incredible. We've raised over £1,000 for Barnardo’s and are so proud of our little legs for their achievements and for doing baby Star proud too”

Tryfan Scramblers

Two girls on Tryfan mountain in Wales

Hannah, our young fundraising megastar was so inspired by Dr Barnardo in her school lesson that she came home and said she wanted to help people just like he did!

Joined by her sister Isobel, the girls hiked and scrambled up Tryfan mountain in Wales and raised a fantastic £635 for children who need our help and support!

Sensational siblings

Two children selling toys for charity

Magnificent Maya and Isaac raised an awesome £267.02 by selling toys they no longer use!

Their mum, Nausheen said “We set up a table outside our house and sold the children’s toys they no longer use and are still in great condition. This gave the children a sense of doing something good for the community and learn about giving.”

Fundraising with your little ones is a great way to teach them about the importance of giving and looking out for others. Well done Maya and Isaac!

Super Sue 

Woman on a mountain

Sue Siddall who has been a member of Lightcliffe and Hipperholme Barnardo’s Helper Group for seven years has taken on the almighty challenge of trekking the Himalayas. The hike was from Pokhara to Poon Hill and back over 5 days, with the highest point reached being 3210 meters. Sue took on the challenge with the organisation ‘Let’s Trek For Children’ and was joined by lots of other fundraisers, the group stayed in local guest houses and received a real insight into the Nepalese culture.

Susan said, “It’s wonderful to be able to raise money by doing something which I will enjoy, a fabulous opportunity to fulfil a dream.”

Susan has raised over £1,260 for Barnardo’s and we are inspired by her fearlessness and determination! 

Magical Maya 

Girl playing violin

Magical Maya wowed shoppers at her local Barnardo’s store with her joyful violin performance and tasty festive bakes.

Maya said "There is no greater joy than helping children in need, no matter how small.

If more people could raise funds for this good cause, imagine the immense differences we could make together.”

Maya raised over £400 for Barnardo’s – what an incredible achievement!

Marvellous Max 

A young boy standing beside an archery board

Marvellous Max, a talented archer raised a fabulous £100 for Barnardo’s through shooting 100 arrows in his club’s forest course.

Max said, ‘I enjoyed the challenge of shooting 100 scoring arrows and talking to the people about the charity that I was sponsoring because other children are not as lucky as me and I wanted to help them.’

Max is already busy thinking of his next fundraising event for Barnardo’s.

The boy on the balcony

Boy playing trumpet outside hospital (fundraising)

The boy on the balcony, or more commonly known as incredible eight-year-old Nelson spent the last 12 days of Christmas playing his trumpet outside 12 different hospitals to fundraise for Barnardo’s.

Surpassing his target of £500, Nelson raised an incredible £3000!

Supported by his family, Nelson wanted to perform to support children who are less fortunate.

Foresters Friendly Society

Foresters Friendly Society

A huge thank you to Foresters Friendly Society for organising their own Barnardo’s awareness event and to Mark, who has raised a fabulous £1,300 over the past 18 months.

Mark took on a 10,000 steps a day challenge and hosted his own raffles. Mark also represents Barnardo’s as part of our national council which is made up of a group of ‘Old Boys & Girls’ who grew up in Barnardo’s Village Homes.

We are so grateful for their unconditional support!

Woodcote Barnardo’s Helper Group (BHG)

Woodcote bake sale

The fabulous Woodcote Barnardo’s Helper Group have surpassed a total of £400,000 raised for Barnardo’s- this is a remarkable milestone achievement for the group who have devoted years upon years of immeasurable support.  

From Christmas Fairs to annual wine auctions the group have creativity bursting at the seams!

A tremendous amount of planning and organising goes into each and every event and is steered by a loyal tribe of committee members. The events have fantastic fundraising returns but also have an enormous impact on their local community! 

We look forward to supporting the group with their future fundraising endeavours.

St Helen's Lunch Club

St Helen's Lunch group (Fundraising)

Long standing Barnardo’s supporters St Helen’s Lunch Club are devoted and passionate fundraisers. They have raised over £40,000 for Barnardo’s through delicious and very popular lunches.

Susan Hayes recalls their latest function: ‘At the November reunion, and again in December for the Christmas lunch, the buzz in the air was almost deafening!  Members were so pleased to be reunited after no less than 20 months of not being able to be together.   

As is the norm, an excellent three course meal, followed by tea or coffee and mints, was enjoyed in the Colours Restaurant, part of St. Helens College.  In fact, the college has hosted the Lunch Club throughout its 30 year history.  

Together, the College and the Lunch Club are a winning combination! Colours allows students the opportunity to develop their culinary and service skills through hands-on work experience.  Lunch Club members enjoy a high-quality lunch in the company of their friends, and, prior to the pandemic, a regular speaker. 

Especially important, and augmented by a raffle, money is regularly raised for Barnardo’s work with children and young people.’