Adoption is a lifelong process for everyone involved - that’s why we are here to help those affected by it

Our LINK Service offers a range of therapeutic support services for adopters, prospective adopters, birth families and adopted children/adults.

Early Placement Therapy

This is recommended during the early stages when a child is being placed for adoption/special guardianship with a family.

Attachment Focused Therapy

These sessions focus on developing the bond and attachment between the adopter and their child.

Reconnect Therapy

A method to allow adopters and their adolescent child to establish positive relationships through better communication and understanding of the issues the child is facing.

My Life Therapy

This helps adopters and their child work together to understand their individual histories and link it to the present.

Play Therapy

Providing a safe therapeutic space to allow adopted children to communicate their feelings and help them understand their emotions.


This is available for prospective adopters, children, adult adoptees and birth children of adopters.

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