We have three enablers which are essential to supporting our people to achieve the aims of our Strategy. They should inform and enrich all our activities and ways of working. In achieving our objectives, we will be:

man sits at laptop

Digital and Data-Driven

• Improve our data recording systems and strengthen our analysis so we can better understand the needs and experiences of the children and families we support.

• Continuously innovate to develop new approaches to delivery – meeting the changing needs of our service users. This includes continuing to move towards hybrid physical and digital models.

• Embrace new ways of working, including digital tools to minimise the administrative burden on the frontline and optimise our time spent on direct work.

children play tug of war

Equal, Diverse and Inclusive 

• Ensure our vital services are accessible and meet the needs of all children, young 

people, parents and carers who need our support, regardless of their background or circumstances. 

• Work closely with partners to make sure children from all communities are identified and supported, in order to improve outcomes. 

• Deliver on our commitment to anti-racism and to tackling discrimination of all kinds. 

woman cares for baby and child

Committed to Learning 

• Draw on lessons from the Covid pandemic about how best to reach and support the vulnerable children and families who rely on us. 

• Share best practice across our own services throughout the UK and externally with our partners. 

• Invest in learning opportunities for our colleagues, providing everyone with the chance to grow and develop – as well as acquiring the new skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in today’s world.