Gender Pay Gap Report​

We’re proud to be a learning organisation. Publishing gender pay and ethnicity gap information allows us not only to learn from our own data, but to share best practice with other charities and organisations.

Our latest report shows that with 84% of our colleagues being female, Barnardo’s overall median gender pay gap is 9.65% in favour of men; and our mean gender pay gap is 13.84% in favour of men.  

Whilst both our median and mean pay gaps remain below the national averages, we know there is much work to do to minimise the gaps.   

Our pay gap is partly explained by the gender composition of our 25% highest paid colleagues. In 2020, 22% of colleagues in this bracket were men, compared with 16% of the total workforce. We also know that the gap is affected by very few of our frontline children's services and retail store colleagues being men. 

You can read other findings in the full report below.

Ethnicity Pay Gap Report  

This year, alongside our Gender Pay Gap report, we have published our first Ethnicity Pay Gap report. Although this is a not a statutory requirement, we believe that publishing this data and analysis will help us to make meaningful progress towards equality, diversity and inclusion.