We’re proud to be a learning organisation. Publishing our gender pay gap, as well as ethnicity and disability pay gap information going forward allows us not only to learn from our own data, but to share best practice with other charities and organisations.

Gender Pay Gap Report​

Our latest report is based on data from April 2021, which shows that with 85% of our colleagues being female, Barnardo’s overall median gender pay gap was 12.99% in favour of men; and our mean gender pay gap was 18.78% in favour of men.   

Whilst our median pay gap remains below the national average, the gap widened between April 2020 and April 2021, which highlights that we have much more work to do in addressing this.  

The statutory reporting is based on snapshot data from April 2021, during which time, like many other charities and other organisations, we were facing significant financial challenges, with our retail shops closed and many fundraising activities on hold. To address this, we took part in the Government’s Job Retention Scheme (JRS) or furlough scheme in order to maximise the funds available to invest in our vital services.   

For reporting purposes, we had to exclude furloughed employees from the pay gap calculation and further analysis based on salary calculations indicates including this furloughed staff group would reduce both the median and mean pay gap by approximately 40-50%. 

You can read other findings in the full report below, along with the priority actions we will be taking address our gender pay gap. 

Ethnicity & Disability Pay Gap Report   

This year, alongside our Gender Pay Gap report, we will be publishing our second Ethnicity Pay Gap report and for the first time we are looking to publish a disability pay gap report as well. Although ethnicity and disability pay gap reporting are not required by law, we believe they play an important role in fulfilling our commitments to equality, diversity and inclusion.