Read our latest consultation responses, briefings and research, where we draw on the experiences of our services and the children and families we support to make recommendations for policy and practice.


Barnardo's Scotland briefing for Scottish Liberal Democrats debate on Mental Health - 2019 (PDF)

Care in Mind - Paper 1 - Rejected Referrals - 2019 (PDF)

Children (Equal Protection From Assault) Bill Submission from Barnardos Scotland Children 1st and NSPCC Scotland - 2019 (PDF)

Public Understanding of Child Sexual Exploitation - 2019 (PDF)

Scottish Parliament Justice Committee – Mental Health Services and Secure Care Places for Children (under 16s) in Scotland - 2019 (PDF)

Closing the poverty related attainment gap - early learning from our partnership with schools and communities across Scotland - 2019 (PDF)

Response to Scottish Government consultation on Clinical Pathway for Children and Young People who have disclosed sexual abuse - 2019 (PDF)

Supporting the mental health and wellbeing of education staff through professional  supervision structures – 2019 (PDF)

Health and Sport Committee Inquiry into the Social Prescribing of Physical Activity and Sport - 2019 (PDF)

Incorporating the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child into Scots Law Scottish Government consultation - 2019 (PDF)

Year of Young People 2018 Briefing Debate - 2019 (PDF)

Year of Young People 2018 Report - 2019 (PDF)


Joint briefing for Stage 3 of the Domestic Abuse (Scotland) Bill (from Barnardo's Scotland and NSPCC Scotland) - 2018 (PDF)

Evidence to the First Minister's National Advisory Council on Women and Girls on Gender Equality - Attitudes and Cultural Change (PDF) February - 2018 (PDF)

Briefing for Members Debate on Adverse Childhood Experiences - 2018 (PDF)

Submission to Education and Skills Committee – Inquiry into the attainment and achievement of school aged children experiencing poverty - 2018 (PDF)

Response to Scottish Government consultation on the new Suicide Prevention Action Plan - 2018 (PDF)

Response to Empowering Schools - A consultation on the provisions of the Education (Scotland) Bill - 2018 (PDF)

Evidence to the Equalities and Human Rights Committee on the Age of Criminal Responsibility (Scotland) Bill - 2018 (PDF)

Evidence on the use of remand for the Scottish Parliament's Justice Committee Inquiry - 2018 (PDF)

Evidence on mental health to the Health and Sport Committee enquiry into Year of Young People - 2018 (PDF)

Consultation response to A Connected Scotland - Tackling social isolation and loneliness and building stronger social connections - 2018 (PDF)

Children's Rights Action Plan 2018-21 response - 2018 (PDF)

Briefing for Members Debate on Scottish Apprenticeship Week - 2018 (PDF)

Briefing for Members Debate on Encouraging Cyber-Resilience among young people - 2018 (PDF)

Briefing for Liberal Democrat debate on mental health - 2018 (PDF)

Barnardo's Scotland and NSPCC submission to Scottish Government Review into Personal and Social Education (PSE) - 2018 (PDF)

Response to consultation on housing costs for short-term supported accommodation - 2018 (PDF)