Right now, as summer gets underway, it’s already filling many children with dread.

When you’re a child at risk of neglect, domestic abuse or exploitation, no school can mean no support – and no one to turn to for help.  

During the summer holidays, some children and young people are vulnerable to harm – stuck at home where abuse can take place, away from friends and trusted adults at school, or living in fear of gangs, who use the holidays to recruit and exploit them. 

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Unsafe Summer: why some children can’t wait to go back to school 

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For the children and young people we work with, summer can mean: 

  • Being stuck at home and more vulnerable to domestic abuse 
  • Being left alone without adult supervision 
  • Fearing exploitation by gangs, who use the summer to recruit children 
  • Sexual exploitation or abuse, with no access to a trusted adult who can help 

But together, we can help make summer safe. With your help, we can be there for children when they need us most. 

If you believe summer should fill young lives with joy – not fear and anxiety – then join others, stand with children and sign up today. We’ll be in touch to tell you more about our services to protect children during the school holidays and throughout the year.  

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