Barnardo’s Childhood Champions is a tiered recognition programme for those who are willing to make an annual commitment to Barnardo’s and support some of the most visionary areas of our work.  

The number one focus in our revised Corporate Strategy for 2020-2023 is our commitment to supporting vulnerable children and young people through our frontline services, but we can’t do this alone, we desperately need your help.

Tier One – The Giving Circle

To join this tier of the programme, we ask for an annual donation of £5,000, a gift of this size would:

  • Provide an educational support programme for 20 young carers.
  • Pay for essential furniture for 20 young people leaving the care system moving into their first independent homes.
  • Pay for vital therapeutic support for 20 young people suffering with mental health issues.
  • Enable us to offer an early help support programme for 20 young people affected by sexual abuse and exploitation.

This tier of the programme is aimed at those wishing to have a more impactful involvement in our work at both a strategic and a local level.

Tier 2 – Next Generation Giving Club

To join this tier of the programme, we ask for an annual donation of £1,000, a gift of this size would:

  • Provide IT resources for 5-10 disadvantaged young people to access and complete homework assignments online.
  • Provide 5-10 disadvantaged young care leavers with essential item sos they can benefit from opportunities in education and employment such as new clothes for an interview or tools to begin a construction course.
  • Allow 5-10 young people affected by sexual abuse and exploitation receive mental health and wellbeing care packages.

If you are new to philanthropy, this tier of the programme is the ideal first step for you. The Next Generation Club provides you with an opportunity to become more engaged with a specific project, focus on supporting it specifically and see the impact of your gift at a local level.

Welcoming You as a Childhood Champion

Upon joining you will become a member of Barnardo’s Philanthropy family and will receive the following benefits:

  • A welcome pack, which will include a personalised thank you letter from our Chief Executive, Javed Khan.
  • Bespoke, personalised stewardship priority area news updates and briefings from your dedicated relationship manager and Barnardo’s Senior Leaders.
  • Exclusive use of ‘Barnardo’s Childhood Champions’ logo on your personal stationary, websites and e-mail signatures.
  • An invitation to visit a Barnardo’s service either virtually or in person.
  • An invitation for you and a guest to the Barnardo’s Annual Childhood Champions Event, where you can meet like-minded philanthropists.
  • Advance opportunity to purchase two seats at bespoke Barnardo’s events.

Membership of both tiers can evolve over time, thus giving you greater potential to become closer to the work your donation supports.

Thank you!

A group of children stand with childhood champions

The incredible generosity of our donors has already made enormous and transformational life changes for thousands of the most vulnerable children and young people across the UK. So many young people have brighter, happier and more secure futures as a direct result of their open-hearted support. Yet there is still much more to do.

Children growing up today continue to face serious and complex challenges. There is a rising trend amongst young people: many are suffering multiple and compounding levels of disadvantage and, increasingly, they do not fit into singular categories of need, meaning that to be effective, we must respond far more flexibly than ever before.

Together, we can give children, young people and families the brighter futures they deserve. We would therefore be incredibly grateful if you were to consider lending us your support by joining the Childhood Champions at the level you feel most comfortable with.

By committing to Barnardo’s, we can continue to ensure the vulnerable and disadvantaged have the best possible futures.


For all enquiries about Childhood Champions, please email [email protected] or call 0208 498 7787