Elizabeth’s Story

Elizabeth was born in November 1885 in the East End of London, to parents Joseph and Jane Mouncey. Sadly, at the age of six, Elizabeth was found by a neighbour in neglected conditions, next to her dying mother. Within a year, her father had also passed away.

Her parents were said to have had a difficult relationship. Her father was described as “given to drink” and “constantly misused his wife”.

After the deaths of her parents, the neighbour looked after Elizabeth for a few months, while appealing to relatives to take her in, as she couldn’t afford to house Elizabeth. Unfortunately, none of the relatives felt able to support her either.

It was only after two missionaries from different churches in London’s East End appealed to Barnardo’s, that she was boarded out [fostered] to a couple living in Headcorn, a small village near Maidstone in Kent.

After six years in the countryside, Elizabeth returned to Barnardo’s Girls Village where she undertook training to become a domestic cook. In 1902, she left Barnardo’s to enter service, and was later recorded in the 1911 Census working as a cook in Croydon.

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