Ashley’s journey through care

Ashley’s story is an illustration of a child’s journey through care. Her story is based on true experiences of different children.  

How Ashley came into care

Ashley’s mother walked out on her and her two brothers when she was just five years old. After years of abuse, she was put into temporary care.

When a permanent placement broke down, Ashley, with one of her brothers, was placed with one of our foster carers. On recalling how she felt when she first went into her new care home, Ashley said it was scary being somewhere new. Her new carers, however, made her feel welcome from the start and treated her like she was their own child. “After a couple of weeks, I felt like one of the family,” Ashley said.

Before we found Ashley her foster family she found school challenging. Luckily, her foster carers supported her with this by arranging extra tuition, which made things easier for Ashley. They also helped her maintain contact with another sibling, who lived near-by.

Looking to the future

Now aged 22, Ashley enjoys volunteering at her local Barnardo’s retail shop every Saturday and still lodges with her foster family. She is currently looking for a job and to find a place of her own. Always sharing a laugh with her foster carers, their bond is one that will stay with her forever. “The best thing about Barnardo’s is that I got to meet my carers,” she said. Reflecting on the past eight years, Ashley feels grateful to have found such positive role models and looks forward to what the future brings.

By choosing to become a foster carer with Barnardo’s you can make a huge difference to a child's life - and yours.