Sarah and Lisa adopted two children through Barnado's Scotland. Sara tells us how Barnardo's supported the couple during the adoption process.

We chose Barnardo's because of the support they give

Sara and Lisa sitting on sofa

We had already decided that we would prefer a national adoption service, and our research suggested that Barnardo’s could provide the best support through the process and in the longer term.

Having read books about other gay people’s experiences in adoption, we were unsure as to how we would be viewed. However, from the first informal discussions to the support we receive now that our children are with us, our experience with Barnardo’s has been positive.

Throughout the matching process, which can be bewildering, our Barnardo’s support worker and the wider team provided tremendous support to help with our decisions. We now have two children, aged three and four.

The support remains as sound as ever and we know it will be available to us for many years to come.