Newly approved foster carers Laura and Lorelle talk about their fostering journey.

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Barnardo’s: first choice as fostering agency

Barnardo's has always been a charity close to our hearts. After researching many different potential agencies, Barnardo's was the obvious option. By choosing to foster with Barnardo's you are choosing to work with a community dedicated to improving the life chances and opportunities of vulnerable and disadvantaged young people.

The fostering journey with Barnardo’s

We felt that the staff processing our application were experienced and could be trusted to answer all questions and concerns that we had. It can feel like a daunting process at first, but once you meet the Barnardo's team, you will feel at ease.

The application process

The application process is made easy by the experienced team. There are experts available to answer any questions you may have and you will be fully supported. We attended comprehensive training which provided a vast understanding of the requirements needed to foster. We were also provided with the opportunity to meet other foster carers in our local area.

Fostering for same-sex couples

We entered this process as a married couple, looking to embark on the next chapter of expanding our family. Throughout this process we have been treated the same as any other married couple. We have been in a relationship for 12 years and legally married for four – this was all Barnardo’s needed to know; Barnardo’s believes in equality, and this was demonstrated throughout the application process.

Our Barnardo's social worker

The social worker who completed our application was understanding, considerate and compassionate. We could talk about anything! The best conversations we had with our social worker were discussing all of the fun elements and activities that we hope to provide for any child in our care.

Looking forward to fostering

Along with the offer of a stable home and a safe environment, we want to foster children to enhance their opportunities in life and develop their cultural experiences. Above all we want to enable every child placed with us to have fun! After all, that is what childhood should be all about.