After four years of trying for a baby, followed by IVF treatment and a miscarriage, Christina and Prit decided to apply to adopt a child.The couple, from Yorkshire, tell their story.

We longed to be parents

We still longed to be parents. Our decision to adopt came naturally, once we decided that we no longer wanted to pursue medical interventions.

It had been a long and difficult journey to get to this point and the process wasn't easy to start with. We went to two other agencies prior to Barnardo’s and we found approaching them hard as they were not very encouraging. We had fallen in love with the idea that we could create our family through adoption and when we found Barnardo’s we felt our dreams could come true, with their support.

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Fostering to adopt

We were approved as ‘foster to adopt’ or 'early permanence  placement adopters'. This meant that Barnardo’s had approved us as potential adopters, but we were also approved to be foster carers to a specific child if they needed care before the legal process was complete.

We only had a few hours to prepare before we collected our daughter from the hospital. She was only a few days old so we had very limited information about her or her birth parents.

We were fostering her at first, but planned to adopt her if she did not return to her birth family. This meant we had daily contact with her birth parents.  Although this could have been awkward, we loved it as we got to get to know them. This made us love our daughter even more and now we know we can tell her lots about them as she grows up.

Learning about our baby - and ourselves

The process to getting our baby took a few months, but we learnt so much about ourselves and adoption. We made friends on training courses too. We have already recommended adoption through Barnardo’s to lots of people, and we continue to recommend them as the work they do is exceptional in preparing you for what lies ahead. We have never felt alone at any stage as they offer help, advice and fantastic training.

Sometimes we wish we’d known more about adoption in the early stages of our journey to becoming a family as it is such a different route to IVF, but so incredible, that we would have liked to have considered it earlier.