Early permanence placements

Andy and Tina adopted their baby as a newborn, after being approved as both foster carers and adopters through the Early Permanence Placements scheme (also known as 'fostering to adopt').

The obvious solution

Man and woman sitting next to each other

The Early Placements Scheme means carers can foster a baby while their adoption order is being processed.

'We wanted to foster to adopt because it just made sense for the baby,' says Andy. 'It seems the obvious solution for the child not be bounced around between foster carers and adopters.'

Andy continues: 'We have no other children, but we always knew we’d become a family and were determined to become parents.'

'I was very grateful for my happy childhood and I wanted to make sure another child had a childhood like mine. There have been a lot of high points… bringing our son home was one of the highest points. It’s amazing how many people say how much he looks like me!'

'We would definitely recommend adoption through Barnardo's'

When asked about the advice they would give to others, Andy says: 'I’d say to couples who are going to adopt, you need to support each other. To us it just feels so natural to be a family now – there are no thoughts that he’s not our child, he’s our baby and our boy.'

'We are now looking to adopt again through Early Permanence Placements. We would definitely recommend adoption through Barnardo’s and we think Early Permanence is an incredible way of offering stability to children and taking the emotional risk on as adults.'