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Barnardo's Scotland

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Barnardo’s Scotland provides more than 130 community-based services throughout the country working with over 26,500 vulnerable children, young people and their families.

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Influencing Priorities

Barnardo’s Scotland is committed to making positive change for children, young people and families in Scotland.

Our policy team uses our collective knowledge and experience to influence policy and legislation, with a particular focus on children in and leaving care, child sexual exploitation and abuse, and mental health and wellbeing. We also produce a range of policy briefings and consultation responses for politicians, researchers and professionals.


Barnardo's Scotland relies on public and corporate donations to fund the £2 million cost of running our Scottish services each year which support thousands of vulnerable children, young people and their families.

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Barnardo's Scotland shops would be delighted to receive any unused toys or household items, or those clothes and accessories you haven't worn for years. And for the thrifty shopper, our shops are a treasure throve of bargains!

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Barnardo’s Scotland supports children, young people and their families to give them the best chances in life.

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