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Barnardo’s responds to Government’s Victims Strategy

10 Sep 2018

The Victims Strategy is a welcome development by the Government because it is vital that all victims are understood, supported and protected in their journey through the criminal criminal justice system.

Barnardo's welcomes Government commitment to ramp up efforts to tackle online child sexual abuse

03 Sep 2018

Today the Home Secretary Sajid Javid outlined ways the Government will be stepping up efforts to tackle online child sexual abuse and catch predators. Speaking after the speech in central London, Barnardo's Chief Executive Javed Khan welcomed the move.

Our response to the Children’s Society's Good Childhood Report 2018

29 Aug 2018

Responding to the publication of the Children’s Society's Good Childhood Report 2018, which examines the state of children's well-being in the UK, Barnardo’s Chief Executive, Javed Khan said:

Children 'not getting enough help from financially pressed councils'

06 Aug 2018

Families with vulnerable children are not getting enough help from financially pressed councils; that’s the clear message from Barnardo's chief executive Javed Khan.

Barnardo’s welcomes 2m extension of ICTA scheme to support trafficked children

30 Jul 2018

Barnardo’s welcomed the announcement by the Home Office of a 2m extension of the Independent Child Trafficking Advocates (ICTAs) scheme, which works with trafficked children to ensure their best interests are met in any decision making by the public authorities involved in their care.

Charities can learn from the England football team: Javed Khan

24 Jul 2018

Javed Khan explains why more organisations need to make learning central to everything they do

Action to help stem knife crime is vital as stats show 16% rise

19 Jul 2018

There has been a 16% increase in the numbers of knife crimes, in the last financial year compared to the previous one, according to the Office of National Statistics.

DfE's draft guidance on relationships & sex ed is welcomed

19 Jul 2018

Barnardo's welcomes the Department for Education's announcement today about the draft guidance on compulsory relationships and sex education.

Remembering Srebrenica: standing up and speaking out

13 Jul 2018

This week is the 23rd anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide in 1995, during which more than 8,000 Muslim Bozniaks, mostly men and boys, were killed.

Barnardo's responds to warnings to tech giants by Culture Secretary

04 Jul 2018

Barnardo's has welcomed a warning by Culture Secretary Matt Hancock to tech giants that they are not too big to regulate.

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