How to fundraise for your Big Toddle

Fundraising made easy

Fundraising for the Big Toddle is a doddle, and a vital part of your event - every penny you raise can help give vulnerable children a brighter future.

Below are a few fundraising ideas to help you raise those pennies:

Sponsorship - Use your Sponsor forms or a JustGiving page (make sure you look at our handy JustGiving guide) so your little ones can get sponsored for their walk.

Collection - Carry a collection box or bucket and invite everyone along to get involved and donate. Just call us on 0800 008 7005 to request a collection box.

Food & fundraising - At the end of your walk, raise a few more pounds whilst adding some extra deliciousness with a Teletubbies picnic or a Teletubbies themed bake sale.

Get colourful! – You could organise face painting for the kids and ask for a suggested donation from parents, or do our colourful footprints activity in the weeks leading up to your Big Toddle and ask parents to pay a donation for their children’s artwork