Windsor Avenue
Family Resource Centre

In their words

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Here are some service users' comments about the centre:

I believe the service they provide for young children is great and very helpful and very important for the future life of a young child who has experienced difficulties early in life. [Grandmother and carer of three young children]

Everything was helpful, learning about parenting, C’s behaviour, our relationship, who to contact if we cannot cope, meeting other people. [Parents of 4 year old]

The service was good – everyone was treated the same, it was interesting, we were made to feel welcome and the children enjoyed it. [Single mum with 4 children aged 2 to 14-years old]

I have only praise for the kindness the staff have for 'P' and ourselves and at the reviews they are prepared to listen and be listened to, and if we have any problems we are very happy to discuss anything with them; they make you feel part of a happy family. [Aunt and carer of 5 year old boy]

Attending Windsor Avenue Centre has been long and difficult work for all the family. The experience at the centre was helpful because we got on so well with the staff. [Mother and grandparents of 4 year old girl]

It is helpful because you can talk to someone and they are nice people. [12 year old girl]

When we were to start we thought it was just more advice. We feel we got more from this than any services in the past. [Couple with three children aged 4 to 12 years old]

We have found Windsor Avenue Family Centrea great help to us and we are very glad there was a place for B as it has helped us so much and we have found that the staff have all been very kind to him and our family whenever we have needed help and support. [Grandmother and mother of 5 year old boy with learning disabilities]