Willow Young Carers Service

Frequently asked questions

1. Can young carers make contact with Willow directly?

Yes, we really like to hear directly from young people. If you call the service a young carers worker can talk to you about your situation and talk about the support that might be useful to you. If you then decided you'd like to go ahead, we can arrange to meet you.

2. Do all young people involved with Willow get the same help?

No. Young carers have all kinds of different needs so we make sure that we offer all different kinds of support. Some young people need more support than others. Some young people just need to meet other young people and get involved in groups; and some young people just need somebody to talk to now and then. We will always talk to you and involve you in planning the type of support that will help you best.

3. What if I don't want my school to know I'm a young carer?

That is fine - we won't talk to anyone about you unless you have said we can. The only time we would have to break that rule is if we believed you were in danger of being harmed.