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Young carer research and resources

Barnardo's Policy and Research Unit have conducted a wide variety of research into the issues impacting on young carers and their families.

These research resources can help practitioners, managers and service planners gain a deeper understanding of the issue and what works to improve outcomes for children and young people.

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Latest young carers research and resources

Find our latest young carers research, policy documents, resources and publications below or search the full Barnardo's publications database.

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Making plans: Using Family Group conferencing to reduce the impact of caring on young people

by Naomi Clewett, Martha Slowley and Jane Glover

This briefing describes how this short-term method of service delivery can reduce the amount and impact of caring by young people.
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Meeting the needs of black and minority ethnic young carers

by Helen Mills

This literature review and research study explores the current situation for BME young carers and draws practical conclusions that suggest how the service can best support its users.
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Keeping the family in mind

This report explores the lives and needs of children and young people who care for parents with mental health problems.
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