Taith Service

In their words

At Taith we listen to what young people, families and professionals tell us about their needs and how we can best help them.  Here are some of the things people have said about their experiences of using the Taith Service

Children and young people

You do learn a lot in the end at Taith - about yourself and other people and feelings towards other people as well. Gemma, 13 years

They help you manage your thoughts and feelings. Simon, 11 years

I feel like I'm ready to go back into the real world and get my life back on track.  If I have a problem, I've got a folder of all the work that I have done at Taith to help me remember. Martin, 15 years


The Taith Service has been like a wake up call for our family.  Seeing all this information in one place and your views on how we could do things differently is a real help.  We will definitely make some changes. Father of Kelly, 12 years


Gareth's behaviour has greatly improved, there have been no more incidents of sexually harmful behaviour and he is a lot happier and more confident.  I have been impressed with the clear and positive professional relationship with Taith.  Social Worker to Gareth, 16 years