Simpson Family Resource Centre

How we can help

We do not use standardised ‘courses’ of work, but tailor our approach to the individual needs of each service user and the referrer. The exact content of our work with each family is agreed at a contract meeting with the family and the referrer before work starts. Your referrer – usually your social worker – will bring you to this meeting.

What is a contract meeting?

Though we loosely base our work on the 'systemic' theory of the family, we use a wide range of resources and models of social work, psychology and human behaviour – if it seems to work, we will try it!

Our normal pattern of work is to hold a weekly session of 1 hour to 1½ hours with the service user(s) to discuss the relevant issues. Experience has told us that weekly sessions work best as they give time for people to reflect on and try to utilise any ideas we have discussed.

Describe a typical session

We can no longer offer transport to sessions, but referrers will sometimes arrange assistance with transport if required. We are situated within a five minute walk of the train and bus stations.  For those with young children who will not be involved in the session, we have some play facilities and trained staff who may be available to mind them.