SECOS Project

Frequently asked questions

Q. How would I know if a young person I am working with was being sexually exploited?

A. Sometimes young people are able to tell someone, sometimes they are not. Sometimes they show you, and it’s about interpreting the messages. Sometimes the people around them know and sometimes they let it be known. Sometimes its rumours that in fact are the truth. Sometimes we see them, but more often not. Sometimes there’s none of these, but eventually when a relationship is built with the young person and an open mind kept we are told.

Q. How can I refer a young person to the service?

A. It’s easy – phone us and talk to one of the project workers. We are quite happy to come and see people or you can bring them to the centre.

Q. How many people leave sexually explotative relationships & prostitution once they have engaged with the project?

A. Over a third of all people engaging with the project leave sexually exploitative relationships & prostitution, their recovery from it, however, can be a lifelong process. Our aim is to put in the building blocks to enable them to be able to move forward in a way that celebrates who they are, their status, their talents and their very being.

Q. How can I volunteer?

A. SECOS welcomes volunteers and anyone that feels that they have something to offer to the service should contact us directly. We are happy to talk about suitable placements working with young people and with our outreach service.

Due to the vulnerability of our service users volunteers are required to register with Barnardo’s, be interviewed and have a disclosure check.(DBS) This is confidential and helps us provide the best service for the young people. We also provide training to any potential volunteers.