In their words

The best evaluation of any service is by the people who use it. We asked them what they thought, some of their responses are included below:

What I gain from the service 'The staff are brilliant, they make you feel welcome and that gives you that confidence' (parent) 'Now I know what is safe/unsafe, right and wrong so I can say no.' (young person) 'I got more information, what to do and what not to do and how to keep myself safe as well' (young person) 'My worker made it clear what grooming was, all the stages of grooming. I had heard of grooming but I didn’t understand what it was. Everything made sense' (young person) 'It’s been marvellous, our eyes have been opened. We’ve spread the news to family members' (parent). 'They’d listen to us and take note of what we wanted as a family' (parent). 'I use the internet more safely and don’t put inappropriate pictures up because I won’t have control of it once it’s up there, and I keep my profiles private so only my friends can access it' (young person). Feedback about most useful things offered 'Talking to somebody about your worries and problems' 'Group work helped me meet friends and with my confidence' 'The Missing From Home Service is excellent, it was great someone coming to talk to my Child about the risks' 'Someone to support me and give me advice' 'Advice and resources for parents is great, it helps me to keep my Child safe' External awards and recognition

For more information please read real life sexual exploitation stories on Barnardo's main website.