Safer Futures SATAS

Safer Futures Sexual Abuse Therapeutic and Assessment Service

(formerly Salford Cornerstone Project)

Therapeutic work:

At Safer Futures SATAS we help children to move forwards from their experiences of sexual abuse. We do this by providing therapeutic work on an individual or group-work basis. This can be provided under pre-trial therapy guidelines.

Assessments & Reunification work:

We also provide assessments, support or awareness raising to safe parents/carers; often including wider family or professionals in order to strengthen the child’s protective networks in the future. This can be offered in the context of family court proceedings where there are concerns about capacity to protect.

We can provide sex offender assessments in cases where there have been no convictions or where a previously convicted sex offender is moving into a different family. Alongside these assessments we can undertake family reunification assessments.

Sexualised Behaviours:

We work with children and young people, including those with learning disabilities, where there are concerns about sexualised behaviours in circumstances where the behaviours have not reached criminal thresholds. We offer assessments and interventions in this area.

We are able to offer sex and relationships work or guidance to schools and other settings, including those that cater for children with disabilities.

We also offer workshop programmes, training and consultation to multi-agency professionals on all aspects of our work, seeking wherever possible to develop the skills of others. All of our services are available on a spot purchase basis across the North West and beyond.