Rochdale Services

How we can help

The Birth  –  4 Service


Birth - 5 service
  • Provide emotional support i.e. someone to chat to and a listening ear
  • Advocate for children and their families to ensure equal access to opportunities and services
  • Assist families to use their local Children's Centres and early years services
  • Builds confidence and trust with children and their families, enabling the child and parent/carer to gain life skills promoting their independence
  • Act as a lead professional and facilitate 'team around the child' meetings to ensure coordinated support for the child and their family
  • Assist families to access other professionals to support new skills to be developed e.g. physiotherapy, positive behaviour, healthy eating, use of equipment, communication
  • Identify other services and signpost as required , e.g. Children's Centres, benefits, housing, health, support groups, family support, Citizen's Advice Bureau, Carer's Resource, Children’s Information Service, mental health services, Family Fund
  • Deliver 'SHINE Parenting Support Group - a group  for  parents/carers whose children have individual support needs around developing  social and communication skills.

Short Break Services Workers:-


Boy on a bike | Barnrdo's Rochdale
  • Get to know a child/young person and identify their individual talents
  • Explore which group would best suit their interests
  • Support children/young people to make new connections, networks, acquaintances which develop friendships
  • Enable parents/carers, children and young people to have meaningful short breaks away from each other

Independent Support Service

Supports parents/carers and children/young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) up to 25 years of age whilst:-

  • Transferring from a Statement of Educational Need to the new system of assessment, i.e. Education, Health and Care Plans, sometimes referred to as a 'My Plan'
  • Or who will require an Education, Health an Care Plan for the first time
  • Supports young people who are coming up to school leaving age and would have had a Learning Difficulty Assesment under the old system and now require an Education, Health and Care Plan
  • Ensures children, young people and their parent's/carer's views are represented throughout the assessment and plan process
  • Provides information regarding personal budgets
Children building a mosaic that spells out 'Respect'