Rochdale Services

Frequently asked questions

Q. What exactly do you do to support a disabled child or young person ?

We get to know the child/young person really well, making sure we find out what their likes are and learn how to keep them safe. We then explore  the group activities together and decide which is most likely to be enjoyed the most.

Q. What range of impairments do you work with?

We work with children with Autistic Spectrum Condition; learning disabilities; complex health needs; life limiting conditions; cognitive, sensory and physical impairments.

Q. I do not verbally communicate.  How will you understand me?

We are guided by those who know the child’s communication system best. We spend time getting to know the child/young person, observe closely to get an understanding of their facial expressions, body language, sounds, gestures, signs, emotions etc.

Q. I am a wheelchair user, what could I join in with?

All the group activities we offer are available to disabled and non disabled children and young people.

Q. Why do you encourage children/young people to join in groups together?

We believe all children and young people are equal and belong in our communities. All children should be given choices and opportunities to play, go to school, spend their leisure time in mainstream places and activities with their peers.

We also recognise that some children and young people will need activities to be adapted and additional support to ensure they are joining in, in a meaningful way.

Q. What geographical areas do you work in?

We work across Rochdale, including Heywood and Middleton.

Q. How can I refer my child?

Just give us a ring on 01706 515717. We can take referrals over the phone or we can send out a referral form to you.

Q. Does my child get allocated hours throughout the week?

The hours vary dependingon the service.

Q. How long are you able to continue supporting young people for?

0 - 4 service is approximately  3 - 4 months

Independent Support is approximately 6 months

Short Break groups are ongoing as long as attendance is on a regular basis.

Q. Will I have to pay?

Birth – 4  years Service and the Independent Support Service  -  there is no charge for this service

Short Break Services  - all groups are £1 per child per session.