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Keeping the Family in Mind Resource Pack (2nd Edition)

Author : Louise Wardale (2007)

Price : £34.99

Back by popular demand, the 2nd Edition of the Keeping the Family has new and improved contents. The pack is aimed at anyone who works with parents with mental health difficulties, their children and their families, and is designed to raise awareness of the issues that they face.

'Telling it like it is' film is at the heart of the pack. This 15 minute DVD conveys key issues, promotes understanding and insight, all from a young person¿s point of view. The pack also contains visual aids such as postcards and posters, as well as reports, booklets and advice sheets. All the resources - the film, the postcards and the booklets - have been written and produced with the participation of children and young people themselves. Email to order the resource pack. Price does not include postage and packaging.

Associated subjects and types

Tools for professionals, DVD, videos and CDs, Advocacy, rights and community inclusion, Health and disability

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