Parenting Matters

In their words

Sarah and her partner Peter from Northern Ireland are parents of two year old toddler Adam. Peter is currently in Maghaberry HMP serving a four year sentence. A year ago he was offered a place on Barnardo’s NI Families Matter parenting course and Sarah says it has turned their lives around:

adam and mum sarah 2016

“When Peter told me he was thinking about applying to be on the Barnardo’s Families Matter programme we didn’t really know what it was but I encouraged him to go for it and it has turned out to be great. During the extended family visits we are a family. Peter can walk around with Adam, lift him and crawl on the floor with him. There’s the opportunity for that bond to grow which is so important. As a mummy that’s what you want, for that bond to be there. When Adam arrives and his dad lifts him up I just burst with pride. The Barnardo’s staff really care, really empathise and give us the opportunity to talk. When I think about how far we’ve come and what we’ve had to go through to get here, it’s been hard, but I couldn’t say enough about the Families Matter Programme and what Barnardo’s has done for us.”