Orchard/Mosaic Project

In their words

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Here are some things people have said about Barnardo's Orchard Mosaic project:

I can now talk to my daughter about what happened"

Coming to the group was like looking into a mirror - I felt people really understood and could help."

It helps to release all your angry thoughts."

The CF worker is a credit to Barnardo's, always helps us maintain a positive outlook, pleased to have been put in touch."

We are slowly becoming more optimistic and positive for our future".

The massage sessions are one of the best things we have implemented in the school".

He is now able to express his emotions a lot better."

Although we sometiems talk about really difficult things, we always have fun too.  I can talk to you and you listen and don't tell me what to do - it just feels normal seeing you every week and I look forward to it."

School is better this year because I went to Pyramid."