Orchard/Mosaic Project

How we can help


Therapeutic Support Services

We believe that if you can show your feelings to someone you feel safe with, it can help you feel better.  We can listen and talk to you, or if you find it hard to talk, playing, painting, reading and making things can be other ways of showing your feelings.

Anything you say in a session or a group will not be shared or passed on to other people unless we are worried that you, or someone you know is being hurt, or is likely to be hurt.

When you come to Barnardo's Orchard Mosaic service you will have your own worker who will arrange to see you for up to one hour, for six sessions, weekly or fortnightly.  You can see somebody on your own, or you can join a group with other people.

For parents whose children have suffered abuse or bereavement/trauma:

If you feel your child has been sexually abused, are worried that you are to blame, or are wondering who can help you and your child deal with any of these issues, Barnardo's Orchard Mosaic are here to help.  We also offer a varied service for parents and carers, including counselling for families and a parent's group.. Please contact us to find out more.

Child Bereavement Support Worker

We have a trained bereavement counsellor working across the Newcastle Hospitals.

  • The death of a child is often both sudden and unexpected and will be extremely hard for the parents and families affecting them very deeply.
  • At such times grieving families may need additional support to help them cope with such a difficult loss - the death of their child.
  • Bereavement support is available for prime carers, siblings and other family members.
    • On a one-to-one basis.
    • As a couple
    • As a family unit
    • As a support group.

Pyramid therapeutic school groups

Opportunities for volunteering

Pyramid clubs go on for ten weeks and last for 90 minutes.  They are run by three specially trained volunteers who receive 15 hours of training covering first aid, safeguarding children and activity planning.  Their enthusiasm for the scheme is important and many of them have come back to run clubs over several school terms.  Contact us for more information.

Massage in Schools Programme

We run a two day course to become a massage in school instructor.  Instructors receive a certificate of attendance and are then able to introduce it into schools.  During the course you will have opportunitie4s to share information and ideas.  The course includes the first year's subscription to MISA and access to local support group.

Living with CF in the family: Cystic Fibrosis Service

Workers: Jill Hardman and Paul Forbes

For children, families and young adults living with a chronic illness like CF, lots of things can present a challenge.  That's why it can be good  to know that support is available.

The CF workers are based at Barnardo's Orchard Mosaic Service in Newcastle but work regionally as part of the CF service at the RVI.  The range of issues with which they offer support is as broad as the needs of the people concerned.

Some needs are very practical and may be to do with:

  • welfare rights and financial matters
  • housing
  • education
  • and similar issues

Other issues may be to do with how people feel:

  • the impact of living with CF
  • treatment matters
  • changing relationships

Whatever the issue, Jill and Paul will do their best to help people to find the best way forward.  Support can be offered to the individual with CF, to family members or to partners.  We also offer consultation or joint work to other professionals involved with people living with CF.

Anyone can get in touch with the service as long as they have the permission of the person concerned.

If you feel that the CF workers may be able to help you with any matter please contact:

Jill Hardman or Paul Forbes

Sexual Behaviour Unit Service

The SBU provides assessments of and treatment for, adults who may pose a risk in relation to the sexual abuse of children or adults.

The SBU provides training and consultancy in relation to all aspects of work with adult sexual abusers and partners.

The Partners for Protection Group

A therapeutic assessment of parents capacity to protect children from sexual abuse.

The programme takes place over 8 days, once a week from 9.30 - 3.30. A variety of learning approaches are used including small group work, video, individual work and discussion.

1-1 work can be negotiated.

B-Venture - Work with children of prisoners and offenders

We aim to:

  • Reduce isolation and improve resilience
  • Reduce stigma and improve understanding
  • Expand experiences and increase aspirations.

Circles of Support and Accountability

'Circles' aims to target high risk child sex offenders living in the Northumbria region.  The project monitors this particular group of dangerous offenders through a relationship of support and inclusion thereby increasing public and child protection.  The project complements and enhances the work of child protection agencies, police and probation in their management of this group of offenders.  The work is rooted within the wider community and facilitates an interface and working relationship between the public and local statutory agencies.

There is significant evidence (Wilson, McWhinnie and Wilson 2008 - Bates, Saunders and Wilson 2007 - Wilson, Picheca and Prinzo 2004) that highlights enhanced child and public protection in geographical areas where Circles operate.

The most significant factors in sexual re-offending amongst this population is high levels of emotional loneliness and isolation (Bates et al 2004), with a re-offending rate of 60% (Thoriton 2000).  As an intervention COSA complements sex offender treatment (Fisher 2008) provides for better reintegration of high risk sex offenders by providing a framework for collaborative working that engages the community with police and multi-agency public protection arrangements.  A Circle is a group of well trained and robustly supervised volunteers.  They meet on a regular basis both as a group and as individuals with a high risk sex offender over a period of 24 months.  The circle helps the offender establish meaningful roots in the community.  The volunteers are supported and supervised by aCircle co-ordinator who is the forma link between them and the statutory agencies.

SCARPA (Safeguarding Children and At Risk Prevention and Action)

SCARPA is a programme of work delivered in partnership between The Children's Society and Barnardo's.  The Children's Society's work within the SCARPA framework is to provide targeted youth support to young people who go missing and support for their families.

SCARPA aims to help young people:

  • be 'Safe from Harm'
  • stop going missing
  • reduce risky behaviours
  • exit situations of exploitation

SCARPA works with young people if:

  • they live in Newcastle
  • they are aged 16 or under
  • they have been involved in episodes of going missing

The services we provide are:

  • direct support to young people who have been involved in going missing and sexual exploitation
  • support for their families to reduce the risk of the young person going missing in the future
  • training and awareness raising for professionals
  • close involvement with Newcastle Children's Services to support their response to young people who go missing
  • Involvement with other neighbouring authorities to support them in meeting the needs of young people who go missing.