Orchard/Mosaic Project

Frequently asked questions

Q. Do I have to sit and talk?

A. Some people like to talk about what is worrying them, others prefer to draw, use paints, clay, plasticine, games and toys. All of these can help let others know how they feel. Project staff can help you find the best way to express what may be troubling you.

Q. Do I have to talk about what happened when I was abused?

A. We know that often people do not want to talk about exactly what happened to them, but because what you have experienced in the past is troubling you today, it can be helpful to talk about how this feels. However, there may also be other things in your life you wish to talk about, and we would also want to listen to these.

What you decide to share will be kept private unless you tell staff that you, or someone else, is being hurt, likely to be hurt or is in danger.

Q. Am I not the best person to help my child?

A. Some childrn may find it difficult to speak to their parents about what happened.  They may worry about how upsetting it is for you.  They may prefer to speak to someone who is not directly involved.

Q. Is there anything I can do to help?

A. Your attitude to your child coming to Orchard Mosaic is probably the most important factor in the oucome of the work.  If your child feels that you are unhappy, angry or frightened by the idea, then it is unlikely tos ucceed.  Children's loyalty to parents means that they will only participate full if they are sure they have your agreement?