North East Lincolnshire SENDIASS

North East Lincolnshire SENDIASS

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Every Local Authority in England and Wales has a duty to provide a SENDIASS Service which will provide impartial and confidential information and advice on SEN (special educational needs) matters to young people and parents/carers of children with SEN in their area” (SEN Code of Practice).

North East Lincolnshire has chosen to strengthen the impartiality of their service by working in partnership with Barnardo’s. Whilst our service is funded by both partners, it is Barnardo’s who employ the staff and run the service. Our aim is to provide a range of flexible services for young people and the parents/carers of children who have or may have special educational needs (SEN). Above all, we seek to empower young people and  parents/carers so they can play an active and informed role in their own/child’s education, in partnership with their own/child’s school and/or the local authority.

Our service is free to all young people and parents/carers of children with a special educational need living in North East Lincolnshire.

We are also available to provide information, advice and training to schools/colleges/other settings particularly SEN co-ordinators and SEN governors.

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