Jigsaw Project

Looking for a family placement?

The project offers a full range of services, which are as follows:

Recruitment and assessment of foster carers and adoptive parents

The project recruits families from the African caribbean, African, Asian and white communities. The work of the project is split equally between fostering and adoption work. We have experienced short-term foster carers and foster carers assessed for permanence. We work with adopters from all communities and have particular success with couples of dual or mixed heritage

Independent assessment for children

We assess the needs of specific children and make recommendations regarding proposed child care plans.

Direct work with children

There are opportunities for direct one-to-one work with children. This can be in the area of identity work, life story work or in the preparation for a permanent placement. A direct work room is available within our new project building to facilitate this work.

Post-placement and after-adoption support to children and carers

Project staff are available to support placements made by other agencies which they themselves cannot supervise, or where there is a need for an independent worker to be involved.

Counselling services for birth parents

This service allows local authorities to fulfil their obligations to birth parents by involving a skilled independent worker.

Consultation and training on family placement issues

Members of the team are available to provide consultation and training for both carers and professional colleagues, on a whole range of family placement issues.