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Thinking of adopting or fostering?

Who are the children needing placements?

Nearly all children needing adoption or long-term fostering will already be in the care of Social Services - either in a short-term foster home or a residential unit. A decision will have been made that they cannot return to the care of their birth parents. In very occasional situations, babies may be placed for adoption straight from hospital but in our experience very few white children under two years are placed for adoption.

The children we work with are:

  • black children and black children of mixed parentage aged 0-16 years
  • sibling groups - brothers and sisters usually of school age
  • older children aged four+ - many of whom have a history of disruptive placements and abuse
  • children with disabilities.

Children needing permanent homes away from their family have often experienced neglect; some form of abuse - either emotional, physical or sexual - and will have suffered from being separated from their parent(s). Their parent(s) may also have had mental health problems or been involved in alcohol or drug abuse. Children and young people needing a permanent home often have emotional problems. They may take a long time to become attached to their new family and they may have behaviour problems.