Jigsaw Project

In their words

As part of her re-assessment as a second time adopter, Rachel was asked to reflect on her experience of adoption with Lauren.

Rachel's reflections of Lauren

The best thing has been that she just continuously makes us laugh - with her and not at her. She is incredibly funny and already knows the power of that. I do sometimes catch myself looking at her in awe, completely amazed by who she is. Maybe every parent feels like this. I am also incredibly proud of her and of the fact that she's adopted. I tell everyone which often wrong-foots people - "But she's the spitting image of you, she's just like you" - and so on. New friends we've made (usually through children's groups) have now taken a much closer interest in the whole adoption process and always alert us to anything that comes up in the media.

I know I should try and balance the picture; talk about the lack of sleep, always waking at six in the morning, always falling asleep before ten at night, going to the cinema twice in eighteen months, going out in clothes permanently stained with porridge/paint/plasticine. But, the simple fact is that I've never been happier.