Jigsaw Project

Our project

Q. What support can we expect from Jigsaw?

A. Excellent support. This is one of the areas we pride ourselves on. Recent government inspection of our service commented on a 94% satisfaction from our users about the support they receive. There is a support group for foster carers and a separate one for adopters. Because we are not crisis driven by statutory work, we can take time to give good quality support to all our carers.

Q. Do your staff come from a range of backgrounds?

A.Yes we are a multiracial and multicultural team. We have Caribbean, white UK, Asian social workers in our team.

Q. Do I live close enough to your project?

A. If you are within 50 mile radius and it takes no more than about an hour to drive to you.

Q. Can we appeal if we are not happy with your service?

A. Yes. We take complaints seriously.

Once the approval panel have made a recommendation to the agency about your approval, you are given a chance to make representations if it looks likely that you might not be approved.