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Drop and Swap

What is 'Drop and Swap'?

  • Started and led by a local parent Kerry, 'Drop and Swap' is a project dedicated to reusing unwanted and outgrown toys, books and clothes for children and parents.
  • This service is parent-led and anyone is welcome.

Why 'Drop and Swap'?

items at drop and swap
  • Throughout child development, growth can be rapid with toys, clothes and books for children needing to be regularly changed and expanded. This changing of items can be expensive and frustrating.
  • 'Drop and Swap' is a great way to get the most out of unwanted nearly new items suited for a wide range of age groups. This will bring not only enjoyment to your child but also help you save money.
  • Not only will you be helping yourself your donated items can really make a difference to someone else.
  • Donating can be a great way to free up valuable space at home.

Where can I get involved, who do I contact?

Outside of oakvale

Where? Building 10, Oakvale, Ryde PO33 1 FP

When? Monday: 9:30 - 10:30 and Friday 12:30 - 1:30

For any more information on this contact, by either calling or texting, Kerry on: 07914975422

West Wight will run a drop and swap in association with West Wight Timebank Coming Soon, keep an eye out for updates.

There is also a small selection of free clothing available at all of the Centres across the island, just pop and in help yourself.

Please note that parents using this initiative take full responsibility  for the goods they exchange. Barnardo's and Southern Housing take no responsibility  for the condition of goods.