Isle of Wight Family Centre Services

Support for children with additional needs

At the 0-19 years Family Centres we are committed to providing support for children with additional needs. On this page you will find a variety of services we offer that support children with additional needs, including ADHD and children on the Autistic spectrum.

Services we offer:

ADHD Parenting Programme: A 6 week programme for parent/carer with a child who is diagnosed with Attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD). Provides information on the disorder, parenting tips, the chance for discussion of experiences with other parents and behavioural strategies.

Cygnet Parenting Programme: 6 week programme for parent/carer with a child on the Autism spectrum. This course helps you understand autism by exploring how it affects behaviour, communication and sensory issues.

How are these 'Stay and Play' groups different to others?

  • In many ways they are the same as other Stay and Play groups. The same facilities are used with song time, messy play and outdoor play all equally available. However, these groups are provided and shaped around the needs of children with additional needs.
  • Sensory play is encouraged with a wide range of light, touch and sound facilities available.
  • Some groups are run in partnership with outside organisations. For instance, Rainbow Club.

What are the benefits?

  • You can talk to staff members about the other great opportunities and support that is available at the centres.
  • Most centres also have fun open outdoor spaces to play. For instance, the garden space provides the perfect opportunity for children with Autism to explore and discover in a comforting environment.
  • Gives your child the chance to have creative, safe and social fun.
  • Having child with additional needs can sometimes lead to a sense of isolation. these Stay and Play groups are an opportunity for parents to interact and socialise with other parents who are going through similar circumstances and share experiences.
  • Please be aware we are currently in the process of reviewing and reshaping services which includes developing a volunteer led stay and play offer supported by centre staff. A new timetable will be available shortly. Please contact the Hubs for more details.