Isle of Wight Family Centre Services

Breast Feeding:

Our 0-19 years Family centre support and encourage breast feeding.

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Within this subsection of the website you will find a host of programmes, workshops and support groups we offer on breast feeding.

1. Breast Feeding Workshop

2. Breast Feeding support groups

In addition, let your midwife, health visitor or centre group leader know if you would like more information and they will connect you appropriately.

Great reasons to breast feed!

  1. Breast feeding is natural.
  2. Your milk is designed specifically by your body for your baby.
  3. Breast milk is healthy for your baby with balanced amount of nutrients.
  4. Breast milk contains naturally occurring anti-bodies improving the immune system of your baby.
  5. Breast milk easy to digest.
  6. Regardless of your chosen feeding method skin to skin contact is vital for forming a strong attachment and bond with your baby.