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Are you entitled to ‘Funding for 2 Year Olds’?

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What is ‘Funding for 2 Year Olds’?

  • Funding For 2 Year Olds is government policy which was introduced from September 2014.
  • It enables greater access for free childcare for 2 year olds.
  • Entitles recipients to 15 hours a week, 38 weeks a year, of Early Education.
  • Access is not universal and requires criteria to be met.   
Did you know? That 40% of 2-4 year olds are eligible!

What type of childcare does this funding cover?

Early Years providers include:

  • Nursery Schools.
  • Day Nurseries.
  • Playgroups and pre-schools.
  • Child-minders.
  • Independent schools with early education opportunities.

For further details on childcare providers on the island contact FIZ (Famliy Information Zone) on 01983 823349 or via email.

What are the Criteria for being eligible?

  • Parent/Carer income lower than £16,190.

Receiving one of the following:

  • Income Support.
  • Job Seekers’ Allowance.
  • Support under PV1 of the Immigration and Asylum Act.
  • Guaranteed Element of the State Pension Credit.

Or if the two year old:

  • Has statement of Special Educational Needs (SEN).
  • Education or health care plan.
  • Recipient of Disability Living Allowance, Looked after child (.e.g. foster care). These instances require a signed form by professional involved with child.

How do I apply?

Apply by filling our our application form. Begin the process by pressing 'start' at the bottom of the 'New Application' section

For advice and guidance on please call or come into one of our 0-19 Years Family Centres.

For enquiries of receiving support for North East Wight please contact: 01983617617

For enquiries of receiving support for South Wight please contact: 01983408718

For enquiries of receiving support for West and Central Wight please contact: 01983 529208

How long will I receive funding?

  • Once you start receiving it will continue, for two years, for three and four year olds.
  • It will not be reassessed during this period and you do not have to apply for funding each year.
  • Even if your circumstances change funding will not stop.