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Barnardo's and QualitySolicitors Will Scheme

Locate a QualitySolicitors branch near you

Need help writing your will?

If you're aged 55years or over, our Will-writing service could help you to either write or update your Will at no cost, in the hope you'll be moved to leave a gift to Barnardo's.

Remembering a charity in your Will doesn’t cost you a penny during your lifetime and it won’t affect your standard of living, however it will make an enormous difference to the lives of children, young people and their families who are in need of Barnardo's support.

Barnardo's is in partnership with QualitySolicitors, a nationwide network of law firms who are licensed professionals operating within the code of conduct. QualitySolicitors is a group of modern, progressive law firms providing legal advice for individuals and businesses. Each QualitySolicitors firm is an independent law firm and shares the aim of providing clients with the highest standards of legal expertise combined with exceptional customer service.

Barnardo’s has agreed with each participating law firm to pay the reduced cost of a basic will (£70) or for a mirror will (£120) plus VAT, so that supporters can receive this bespoke service without charge. Please ask your QualitySolicitor for further information with regards to the charges of a complex Will if you feel this may apply to you.

Using a QualitySolicitor firm will ensure your Will is drawn up correctly and legally with one of their trusted solicitors.

Why do we offer this service?

Leaving a gift in your Will is a wonderful way to pledge your support of future children, young people and families who need Barnardo's support.

Do I have to leave Barnardo's a gift in my Will to use the service?

Whilst there is no obligation to leave a gift to us, most people who use the Scheme do remember Barnardo's, alongside family and friends, in their Will.

To locate your local solicitor:

1. Use our interactive map to locate a QualitySolicitors Firm near you.

2. Use our downloadable lists of participating solicitors by your region.

If there is not a QualitySolicitors in your area then Barnardo's will provide a local alternative.

Visit the QualitySolicitors website

*Please note that advice given by solicitors is independent of Barnardo’s or any other charity. There is no obligation to leave anything in your Will to Barnardo’s or to any other charity.

To receive more information on our Will Scheme, simply fill in our information request form or, if you prefer, call us on 020 8498 7880 to discuss.