Iris and Jo's adoption experience

"With a lot of patience, hugs and tonnes of humour we are growing into the strong family we wanted," said Iris.

After getting married in 2012, Iris and Jo considered adopting sibling children.

The couple discussed the adoption process with Barnardo’s, having heard about us at a LGBT Pride event.

Iris and Jo had a home visit with one of our social workers, before completing a formal application form. The couple said the process was much better than anticipated - even ‘therapeutic’.

Once approved, Iris and Jo were matched with three siblings all under the age of five – two boys and a girl. It took a few weeks for the couple to adjust to a full house, but soon enough they settled into the buzz of their exciting new life.

Since the adoption, the siblings have made huge improvements at nursery and school.

Your decision to adopt has the potential to change a child's life and yours.