Cygnet Services

What we believe in

Barnardo's is a voluntary child care organisation which works in partnership with children, parents and other agencies to fulfil the potential of every child/young person and their families. Barnardo's believes that all children and young people have the fundamental right to:

  • The love and support of a family
  • A secure home
  • Physical, emotional and spiritual health
  • Protection from harm
  • Good opportunities for education, training and employment
  • Communities, groups and activities which enrich and involve them
  • Be treated as citizens with a voice in society

These are the building blocks which help transform children and young people's lives and enable them to fulfil their potential. As part of its commitment to disabled children the Barnardo's Cygnet service aims to provide information and support for parents of children/young people on the autistic spectrum and practitioners to enable these children/young people to fulfil their potential.