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Autism Training for professionals


This programme is designed to be accessed by any practitioners who either work directly or indirectly with children on the autistic spectrum e.g. in schools, long or short term residential services, CAHMS or practitioners whose work maybe shorter term e.g. health visitors, social workers, administrators.

It is incumbent on every authority/organisation in partnership with parents/carers to provide their employees with the right tools to support children and young people on the autistic spectrum. The Cygnet practitioner programme provides the tools to enable practitioners to make a difference and enhance the life chances of this vulnerable group of children and their families.

The programme is delivered over 2 days:

Practitioner 1:

This is an introductory programme which provides a description of what autism is and how the characteristics of autism are likely to be displayed whilst also considering parents and carers perspectives and family support needs. The learning outcomes for participants are to;

  • Understand the four main areas of Autistic Spectrum Conditions (ASC)
  • Understand parents and Carers perspectives and support available

Some practitioners may find that Practitioner 1 training meets their organizational and personal development needs; others may want further information and can move onto Practitioner 2 training. It is recommended that any practitioner, whatever their knowledge or background, should access Practitioner 1 training before moving onto Practitioner 2 training.

Practitioner 2:

This programme should sequentially build on the introductory information provided in Practitioner 1 and has the following learning outcomes for participants;

  • To understand children’s behaviour and behaviour management frameworks used with children on the Autistic Spectrum.
  • To be able to use behaviour management strategies and resources in relation to ASC’s  
  • To understand key principles of behaviour management

These programmes are available to be purchased nationally & internationally by organizations that have skilled staff who can deliver the programmes in their locality.

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