Cygnet Services

Parents/Carers Support Programme


This programme is designed for parents and carers of children and young people aged 7-18 with an autistic spectrum condition. The programme is designed to:

  • increase parents understanding of autistic spectrum conditions
  • help parents develop their knowledge on how a child on the autistic spectrum experiences the world and what drives their behaviour
  • guide parents through practical strategies they can use with children
  • direct parents to relevant ASC resources
  • give parents the opportunity to meet with other parents who have had similar experiences and to gain support and learn from each other

This is a core Cygnet programme which is delivered over six, two and a half - three hour sessions which sequentially work towards behaviour management and covers a number of topics Please note there is a new updated Core Programme available from March 2017 (see December Update):

  • Autism & diagnosis
  • Communication
  • Sensory Issues
  • Understanding behaviour
  • Managing behaviour
  • Choice of topic decided by parents/carers

Additional sessions

These programmes are available to be purchased nationally & internationally by organizations that have skilled staff who can deliver the programme in their locality.