Cygnet Services

In their words

Here are a few comments from parents/carers and practitioners who have been involved with our service:

I think there is not a lot of awareness in the Asian community about autism. Initially they (family & community) think it’s the parents fault or someone has done something but when you look into it deeper it turns out to be something different." (Ajaz – a local parent)

Attending Cygnet has made me stronger.  I can manage my children better and best of all, I know I am not the only parent in this situation."  (Nazem – a local parent)

Cygnet is very well received! Many families see it as a lifeline, and helps alleviate their sense of isolation and also being judged. These families travel a hard road in their journey”. (Fiona Smith-Dodd, Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital; Cygnet & Early Bird co-ordinator)

The addition of the siblings’ package has been invaluable for families that have already attended another parent programme. It has been extremely popular, and welcomed by our local parent group as an invaluable extension to our offer to families” (Roz Weeks, Head of ASD Outreach Service Professional Development Centre, ELTHAM FOUNDATION SCHOOL COMPLEX)

Cygnet Practitioner training pulls together all the relevant and up-to-date strands of information on Autism in a clear and structured way to help people learn more about the condition. There is no other programme around which does the same job. I have been delivering training about autism for many years now. Along with real-life examples from trainers, this programme provides the optimum collection of materials to ensure a comprehensive and thorough overview of autism spectrum conditions for participants." ( Jane Miles, Autism/Outreach Teacher Doncaster)

We have been using the Cygnet Programme for over two years now and it has  been well received by parents from a wide range of socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds. It is user friendly to deliver with all of the necessary materials on the trainers CD Rom and cost effective as there are no recurrent costs associated with implementation."  (Katy Robson, Clinical Psychologist Heart of Birmingham CAMHS)

Cygnet is easy to deliver and parents’ feedback was excellent. At our follow up workshop, it was encouraging to hear parents speak with confidence and a positive attitude as they shared stories of what they and their children had achieved!" (Evelyn Gault Speech and Language Therapy (Additional Support Needs) Team Leader, Inverness)