Cygnet Services

Cygnet services

The Barnardo’s Cygnet service is widely recognised for its award winning parenting support programme that is now available to parents of children on the autistic spectrum aged 5-18. Please read information on the core programme and additional sessions.

The service has also developed training programmes that can be delivered to professionals.  Please read information on training programmes to be delivered to professionals.

Cygnet provides the following programmes and services:

Parenting support programme

Spring Cygnet Update 2019

  • Core Programme
  • Additional Sessions

Evaluation of Cygnet Parenting Support Programme

Training programmes to be delivered to professionals

  • Practitioner 1
  • Practitioner 2
  • Practitioner16+1 – New programme (contact service)

Bradford Cygnet Service

From 1st April 2019 Barnardo's will no longer be co-ordinating and delivering the Cygnet Programme in Bradford.  If you wish to access the Cygnet Parenting Support Programme.  Please contact The Local Authority Gateway Hub on 01274 432121.