Wakefield CAPS
(Children's Advocacy and Participation Service)

Placement movement forms

Have you recently moved placements so between foster carers or residential homes? If you have you can complete a placement movement form to share your views.

What is an Placement Movement Form? A Placement movement form is a set of questions we ask when a young person has moved from one placement to another. It asks for your experience while being in care. Any young person who is placed in either a residential home or foster care by Wakefield Local Authority can fill out this form when they have moved.

When you complete an placement movement form the information is shared with the local authority to help improve practice and highlight what young people's experience of care is. This can be done anonymously if you prefer. CAPS put all the information together and share this with the local authority each month. We look at themes and changes and ask the Local Authority to set actions from the feedback.

This is really important as you are the experts and have the knowledge about what helps you in care and any things that made it hard for you.

You can download the placement movement form here.

When you have completed the form you can email to us on

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