Wakefield CAPS
(Children's Advocacy and Participation Service)

Equalities Statement

CAPS Statement of Respect

Our team aim to treat everyone fairly and with respect. We recognise that everyone is different.

Some differences are:

  • Your shape and body image.
  • Your age.
  • Your skin colour / race or culture.
  • Your gender (male, female or trans).
  • Your ability.- Good at somethings, not at others.
  • If you feel you have a disability.
  • Your sexuality - (Gay, Bi or Straight).
  • Your opinions and thoughts.

No matter what these differences are we believe that you should feel valued and be treated fairly and with respect.

You can talk to your Advocate about any of these issues and how they might affect you. We can support you to raise issues and signpost you to other services who might offer you support and advice.

CAPS Confidentiality to Young People.

The Advocate will keep most things young people say 'private'. This means we will not tell anyone else what you say unless you want us to. We will always agree what will be shared in meetings with you before we go.

HOWEVER…if you tell us something that means you or someone else is unsafe, in danger or it is against the law; we will have to share this information. This might be with your social worker or other professionals.