Wakefield CAPS
(Children's Advocacy and Participation Service)

What is Advocacy?

We support lots of children and young people every year with advocacy.

Unlike other professionals involved in children’s and young people’s services Advocacy does not always work in the ‘best interests’ of the child. This means we will put a young person view forward whatever this might be. An Advocates role is to empower young people to ensure their views and opinions are heard in any decision making. We offer one to one support to children and young people, ensure they are aware of their rights and that those rights are upheld. We ensure their wishes and feelings are listened to and considered when decisions are being made.

Acknowledging the views and feelings of the young person helps them be involved and can help everyone make better decisions. Working like this is not just good practice; it is also a legal requirement.

The Children Act says young people must be treated with respect and this means (amongst other things) that young people must be listened to.

Listening to children is at the heart of all Barnardo's work, but our work in advocacy particularly demonstrates Barnardo’s commitment to giving children and young people a voice.

Wakefield CAPS provide support to children and young people to ensure their voices are heard and their wishes and feelings are considered in decision making.